Why join Penn Badminton?

We are not just a group of people interested in playing badminton — we are a small community. If you enjoy playing badminton, meeting new people, making friends with other players, and feeling like you are part of a team, Penn Badminton is perfect for you! We host 2–4 sessions every week and also host our own social events — from Halloween movie nights to dinners out at Han Dynasty to bubble tea breaks after practice!

What level of play does the Penn Badminton Club?

We host both recreational and competitive players! All levels of experience are welcome! We have a competitive team that travels and plays other schools and a recreational team that has open play once a week. Tryouts for the competitive team take place every fall, a few weeks after the start of classes.

When do you meet?

Recreational play is Mondays 9–11pm. Competitive team practices 2–3 times a week.

Is the Badminton Club open to Penn undergraduate students and graduate students?

It is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Is the Badminton Club open to Penn staff, alumni, or other non-students?

We can only provide services to full time students according to Penn policy.



Can I book courts?

No, we only have courts available at our designated practice times.

How much does it cost to play on the team?

For A-team (competitive players), the semester dues are $50 per undergraduate and $80 per graduate student. For recreational players, it’s $40 a semester or $5 per open play session. These club dues go to purchasing birdies, maintaining the nets and courts, tournament fees and associated travel, subsidized team gear, and other subsidized team events.

Do you have rackets available for use?

As of right now (fall 2017) we do not, but we should get them by the end of the year!

How can I get updates on Penn Badminton?

You can get updates on Penn Badminton through joining our Facebook Group and liking our Facebook Page. Also, make sure to subscribe your email to this site (in the footer), so you can get updates on blog posts from our website!